Welcome to the new WT website!

Whilst the COVID pandemic may have shut our doors for the past year, the WT team have been working extremely hard on projects that we’d normally not get to undertake during our busy seasons.

Our building itself has been going through some major changes which we’re looking forward to sharing more with you soon, but for now, we’d like to welcome you to our new website!

The website project has actually also been undertaken alongside our new box office system project, delivering a brand new way to interact with us online, book your tickets, and find everything you might need to know.

We’re excited to welcome Kim Whiley as our new Box Office Manager who has taken over from Nigel Lawson Dick after years of diligent service, and has been working at the forefront of the project alongside Project Manager John Gold, Finance Director Steve Joy, and Marketing Manager Thomas Joy to deliver our new site with partners PatronBase.

We’ll be covering the changes to the box office system in another post coming soon, and please bear in mind that, as with all launches, there may be a few teething issues, so if you see anything that’s not quite right, then get in contact with us, either on the Contact Us page, or drop us an email.

The WT Team