AUDITION NOTICE: Les Liaisons Dangereuses

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Christopher Hampton’s awarding winning play Les Liaisons Dangereuses was adapted from the novel of the same title by Pierre Chanderlos de Laclos (published in 1782), and was first performed at the RSC in 1984. This is a deliciously clever and witty script, with 10 wonderful roles for 6 women and 4 men.

The play tells the story of the Marquise de Merteuil and the Vicomte de Valmont, narcissists, rivals and ex-lovers, who use sex as a weapon, to frustrate and humiliate, whilst all the time enjoying their cruel games. They target the virtuous Madame de Tourvel and innocent Cecile de Valonges to gain their trust, so they can use them to further their treacherous schemes.

Set in late 18th Century France at the onset of the French Revolution, these are rich and powerful characters, focused on themselves, oblivious to the gathering storm and their own contribution to the destruction of their society.


  • The Marquise de Merteuil (~40) – A widow and woman of considerable means. Privileged, manipulative, a controlling schemer. The toast of all Paris, considered wise and chaste, though she has had more lovers than most professionals.
  • Vicomte de Valmont (~35) – Rich, elegant, a cynical pleasure seeker. Previously the lover and confidant of the Marquise de Merteuil. He is ruthless, and a seducer, but falls in love with Presidente Madame de Tourvel, which leads to his downfall.
  • Madame de Valonges (~50) – A respectable widow and mother to Cecile, who arranges an advantageous marriage for her daughter. A close confident of Presidente Madame de Tourvel.
  • Cecile de Valonges (~18) – Daughter of Madame de Valonges. Young, naive, recently released from her convent education. Easily duped, she is preyed upon by Merteuil and Valmont who ruin her reputation. In love with Chevalier Danceny.
  • Presidente Madame de Tourvel (~30) – Chaste, religious, wife to a member of Parliement. She is seduced and falls in love with Valmont, which is her tragic undoing.
  • Le Chevalier Danceny (~30) – Rich, young aristocrat, he becomes the pet of Merteuil and the student of Valmont. Falls in love with Cecile and fights to protect her reputation.
  • Alazon (~30/40) – Valet to the Vicomte de Valmont, he is often required to offer bribes and sleep with other servants to get information for his master. Charming, manipulative.
  • Madame de Rosemonde (~70/80) – Aunt of the Vicomte de Valmont. Invites people to visit her at her country estate. She corresponds and offers advice to Tourvel in relation to her feelings for Valmont.
  • Emile (~20/30) – A Courtesan and in league with Valmont. Experienced, knowing.
  • Major Domo (~50s) – In the service of Mme de Merteuil. Aware of his importance in the household. Efficient. Discreet. Has the confidence of his mistress.


Playing ages are an indication only, but also illustrate the age relative to other roles.

Audition dates are Tuesday 31st May at 7.45pm, Thursday 2nd June at 7.45pm and Sunday 5th June from 11am to 1pm, all at Wokingham Theatre.

Performance dates are 19th to 29th October.

Rachel Pearson

Alan Long
Production Manager