AUDITION NOTICE: Ladies in Lavender

WT is committed to being a diverse and open organisation. Auditions are open to anyone, regardless of background or experience, and we particularly welcome those who have been traditionally under-represented in theatre.

Please note that these auditions have now closed.


Ladies in Lavender is an evocative, heart-warming story of unfulfilled dreams and unrequited love.

Based on the hit film screenplay by Charles Dance starring Judi Dench and Maggie Smith, and on the original story by William J. Locke, Ladies in Lavender tells the tale of two sisters, Ursula and Janet, who live in a close-knit fishing village in picturesque Cornwall in the mid-1930s.

When a handsome and talented young Polish violinist bound for America is washed ashore, the Widdington sisters take him under their wing and nurse him back to health. However, the presence of the mysterious young man disrupts their peaceful lives and the community in which they live.

It’s a sweet, genteel, poignant play that also uses Nigel Hess’ BRIT-nominated score – a 6-hander that puts all its actors to good use, with great potential for the two actors playing the sisters. 


  • Janet & Ursula Widdington (F ~45-60) – the two sisters central to the story, both similar ages. Ursula is a spinster, a little more naive and vulnerable, with Janet, a widow, somewhat more world-wise / ‘sensible’ of the two. Unlike in the film, we’re looking to cast these parts slightly younger than the film. There’s no need for the two sisters to look similar!
  • Andrea Morowski (M ~18-25) – the young Polish violinist. Needless to say, I’m not expecting a concert-level violinist to audition (though I certainly wouldn’t turn anyone away…). The actor will need to be comfortable with a Polish accent, though there’s not much actually said in Polish / German through the play, it’s mostly in English. Andrea is young, kind, attractive, and boyish.
  • Dorcas (F ~40-80) – Janet and Ursula’s maid-of-all-work. The comedic part, originally played by Miriam Margolyes, probably with a west-country accent, a bit of a long-suffering bumpkin. 
  • Olga Daniloff (F ~20s) – a young, pretty German painter who is visiting Cornwall on a painting holiday. She happens to be the sister of a famed concert violinist to whom she introduces Andrea to. There is a hint of romance between her and Andrea, but it never goes anywhere. She’ll probably speak with a German accent, but again, there’s very little dialogue not in English.
  • Dr Mead (M ~45-60) – The role of Dr Mead is an interesting one. If you’re familiar with the film, the play essentially condenses all of the ‘other’ parts into one character, as well as the narrative purpose he serves in his treatment of Andrea and romantic interest in Olga (which is totally hopeless, even if he is blind to see it). He’s a stoic traditional Englishman, perhaps a little cynical, but probably, fundamentally a good person, and will need to be a similar age to the sisters. 


Auditions will be very relaxed, we’ll run the scenes as workshops and give everyone a chance to read for all the parts they want, play around with some roles and explore options as a group. 

There will be a readthrough on Wednesday 27th July at 7:45pm.

Auditions will then be on Sunday 31st July (2-5pm), Tuesday 2nd August (7:45pm), with a potential additional audition date on Sunday 14th August (2-5pm) for those unable to make either of the initial two.

All auditions will take place at Wokingham Theatre.

The show dates are 19-28 January 2023.

If you’d like to read the script in advance, want to audition but can’t make the dates, or have any questions about the show, please do drop me an email! I hope to see you then!

Thomas Joy

Steve Joy
Production Manager