AUDITION NOTICE: Hobson’s Choice

WT is committed to being a diverse and open organisation. Auditions are open to anyone, regardless of background or experience, and we particularly welcome those who have been traditionally under-represented in theatre.

Please note that these auditions have now closed.

The readthrough and auditions for Harold Brighouse’s Hobson’s Choice are just one week away, so here is a reminder of the dates and roles on offer.

Synopsis: Set in Henry Hobson’s Boot shop in 1880’s Lancashire, the play tells the comic tale of an overbearing, alcohol- fuelled father and his efforts to keep his three daughters, Maggie, Alice and Vickey, under control. The girls are determined to forge their own destinies, however, and a furious Hobson eventually inds himself backed into the tightest of corners by eldest daughter, Maggie. Along the way, three marriage suitors are drawn, sometimes hesitantly, into a story that celebrates hard work and common sense over folly, pretension and bluster.

Casting: With the play firmly located in Lancashire, it would be great if actors are keen to learn the accent well. However, the main priority is bringing these characters to life, so please don’t let it put you off if accents aren’t your thing. You may still be perfect, accent or no accent!

In the auditions we will be working from the script, rather than workshop format. There’s no need to learn any lines beforehand, but being familiar with the text will certainly help.

Please think about what character(s) you would like to audition for and email me for a copy of the relevant audition piece/s. I will bring a few copies of each with me but with COVID still rumbling, it’s sensible to print out and bring your own copies wherever possible.

As for the auditions, a couple of parts will have some monologues / duologues, but I’m intending to have a very relaxed couple of sessions whereby everyone present works on some scenes together.

Main Roles

  • Henry Horatio Hobson: Overbearing, controlling, and a drunk. Runs his business with bluster and threats, but is also human, and the victim of his own follies – a man for whom we can have some sympathy.
  • Maggie Hobson: Hobson’s oldest daughter. Determined, clever, sensible – an eficient organiser. Mistrusts anything sentimental, but is warm-hearted and just.
  • Alice Hobson: Hobson’s middle daughter. Keen to im- prove her position with a strategic marriage. She is courting Albert Prosser, and meeting him behind her father’s back. Fashion-conscious.
  • Vickey Hobson: Hobson’s youngest daughter. Head- strong and argumentative. Charming and pretty, she uses this to her advantage. Fashion-conscious, like her older sister.
  • William Mossop: A talented but timid bootmaker who lacks conidence and ambition until Maggie takes him under her wing. He has a meteoric rise from fool who scuttles below stairs, to hero with wisdom and confidence.

Medium Roles

  • Albert Prosser: Lawyer, and admirer of Alice Hobson. Understands the law, but is no match for Maggie’s in- tellect. Keenly conscious of dress and reputation.
  • Fred Beenstock: In love with Vickey. Respectable son of a respectable businessman. He works for his father at Beenstock Corn Merchants.
  • Tubby (Timothy) Wadlow: Foreman in the Hobson’s workshop. Knows his craft and respects the business. A faithful worker.
  • Jim Heeler: A grocer, drinking partner and loyal friend to Hobson.

Smaller Roles

  • Mrs Hepworth: A woman of wealth and inluence. A long-standing customer of Hobson’s bootmaker shop. Doesn’t suffer fools gladly.
  • Ada Figgins: Rather needy. Wants William Mossop to wed and look after her.
  • Dr. MacFarlane: Domineering (possibly, but not neces- sarily, Scotsman) doctor who is not afraid to speak the truth to his patients.

Readthrough: Tuesday 9th November (19:45 WT Foyer) – all welcome.
Auditions: Thursday 11th November (19:45 Green Room) and Friday 12th November (19:45 WT Foyer)
Call Backs and Audition Wraps: Tuesday 16th November (19:45 WT Foyer).
Performances will be from Wednesday 16th to Saturday 26th March (10 nights)

Please remember to contact me beforehand for audition pieces, and with any questions you may have. I look forward to seeing you!

Emma Merchant