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The Dresser is a wonderfully affectionate, irreverent, touching and intelligent play about the theatre. Set in the days of the tradition of the actor-manager – often a tyrannical figure, who demanded hard work, devotion and loyalty from the members of his company.

The play revolves around the central relationship between ‘Sir’ an ageing actor-manager and his long-suffering dresser as they struggle to keep the show (in this case a performance of King Lear) on the road against the backdrop of a down-at-heel regional theatre in wartime. The play not only captures the equivocal relationships between star and dresser, it also conveys the bitchiness, the sentiment, the anecdotage, plus the feeling that the backstage world is itself a little kingdom, a tatty Camelot worshipping a prop Holy Grail!’

There are 7 characters; 4 male roles, 3 female roles (the casting includes the roles performed in the production of King Lear – these are only short scenes within the play).


NormanThe Dresser – able to play mid 40s onwards
(King Lear)
The Actor-manager – able to play 60/70 plus
Her Ladyship
Wife of ‘Sir’ able to play age range from 40s onwards
MadgeStage manager – able to play 30s onwards
(Various Roles)
Young member of the company – able to play 18-mid 20s
Geoffrey Thornton
(The Fool)
Older member of the company – able to play late 50s onwards
Mr Oxenby
Able to play late 20s to 40s

Show Information & Auditions

Readthrough: Wednesday 22nd May – 7:45pm

1st audition: Wednesday 29th May – 7:45pm

2nd audition: Thursday 30th May- 7:45pm

Performances: 16th – 26th October

All dates at Wokingham Theatre.

Rehearsals likely to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays plus a few Sundays and start early August. If you cannot make the audition dates and would like to audition, please get in touch!


Production Manager