AUDITION NOTICE: Christmas At Grimley Hall

WT is committed to being a diverse and open organisation. Auditions are open to anyone, regardless of background or experience, and we particularly welcome those who have been traditionally under-represented in theatre.

Christmas at Grimley Hall is a spooky comedy written by our very own Martin Kempton.

This will be an exciting project with the opportunity to work with a brand-new script and to bring this funny, ghostly play to the stage and be the first cast to premier it. Christmas is the perfect time for ghost stories and this is a modern, funny ghost story with mysterious twists and turns and lots of spooky going on’s and fabulously daft characters!

Please note the change of venue for the audition on 11th July – now at the Bradbury Centre (Rose Room)


Rose20’s/30’s. Primary school teacher. From Yorkshire but lost her accent at university. Lives in the south of England with Henry in a rented property. Is in love with Henry, even though he seems to take advantage of her and treats her badly. Has some sort of chronic illness that means she has to take a special drug regularly. Normally, no symptoms apparent.
Henry30’s – Middle class English. Bit of a wheeler-dealer. Runs a small business- not doing all that well.
Frank60’s Retired. Lived in Yorkshire all his life. Very handy and practical. Takes a dim view of the world in general.
Shirley50’s/60’s Wife of Frank. Surprisingly tolerant of him. Born and bred a Yorkshire lass. Think Thelma Barlow (Mavis in Corrie and Dolly in dinnerladies)
Griffiths40’s/50’s/60’s Welsh sheep farmer. Wild appearance. Owns the house as a property investment. Lives in a shambolic cottage somewhere nearby.
Miss TushMiddle aged. Home counties. Loud and gushing. Researcher into ancient religions and the paranormal.
JaneA shy woman of any age. Miss T’s assistant. Quiet when speaking as herself but has a surprising range of voices when she is possessed.
JoeA taxi driver. A refugee. Could be from Africa, Asia, Middle East of eastern Europe.


Play reading  – 28th June 7.45 Wokingham Theatre

First audition – 7th July 7.45 Wokingham Theatre

Second audition – 11th July 7.45 Rose Room – Bradbury Centre (Wokingham Methodist Church)

Anyone who wishes to audition but is unable to make one of those dates should email Fiona to find an alternative time.

Rehearsal days and dates will depend on availability of the cast; we would expect to have two sessions a week to start, and are likely to move to three rehearsals a week closer to the performance.

The show dates are Wednesday 6th to Saturday 16th December.

Fiona Rogers

Steve Joy
Production Manager