WYT currently has over 80 young members who meet each week at Wokingham Theatre.

We seek to equip young people from the age of 8 to 18 with theatre skills in a structured and highly motivated environment. Classes are initially improvisational at a junior level, graduating into textual and formal voice and movement work in the older age groups. The policy is one of inclusion, i.e. children are not auditioned in any way and are encouraged to learn and participate at whatever level. However, a high level of self-discipline and motivation is expected.

One of WYT’s ‘unique selling points’ is the chance for children to get a taste of all aspects of an operational theatre and the children are encouraged to learn about what happens backstage through tutor and in-house lead classes and workshops (when possible), with the aim of making this an all-round experience for children who have a real taste for theatre.

Our classes are aimed at the aspiring young actor and at children who wish to build their confidence and learn more about the performing arts.

Fees are £90 per 11 week term.  Sibling discounts are available, please contact the team for more information at wyt@wokinghamtheatre.org.uk.

New students can join the group at the beginning of each new term. On occasion it might be possible to allow new students to join mid-term if the work currently being covered in the class permits this, but this is rare.

Payment of Fees

Fees are paid by bank transfer or by cheque.

Bank Transfer: payment should be made to the Wokingham Theatre account, details are on invoices sent out prior to the start of term.  Cheques should be made payable to Wokingham Theatre Limited.

All payments are expected within the first week of term. Please ensure that the invoice reference is used on all payments so that it can be identified.

How to Join

If your child would like to join wYt please email with the information below and a member of the team will be in touch to confirm availability and further details:

  • Childs name
  • School year and date of birth
  • School attending
  • The class you are interested in e.g. Juniors, Inters or Seniors
  • Parents name
  • Parents email
  • Parents phone number (landline and mobile)
  • Address

Email : wyt@wokinghamtheatre.org.uk