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19 – 28 March 2020

by Howard Brenton

Specially commissioned for The Globe Theatre, Howard Brenton dramatises the life and legacy of Henry VIII’s second wife who helped change the course of the nation’s history.

In the second when courtier’s daughter Anne catches the attention of the married king during a court masque by throwing an orange at him, a chaos of religious controversy begins.

Brenton’s play starts after her death when the newly-crowned King James I is rummaging in the possessions of the late Queen Elizabeth. Among them he comes across startling evidence that Anne was a religious conspirator, as in love with some of the most dangerous ideas of her day as she was with her husband. She comes alive for the new king and for our audiences as we meet a brilliant but reckless young woman whose life and death transformed England forever.

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Booking suspended

23 April – 2 May 2020

by Matthew Barber

Escape dreary Edwardian London to the idyllic Italian Riviera in this charming comic romance.

Sweet-natured Lotty Wilton has had enough of the bleak English winter and her oppressive husband. When she sees an advertisement to rent a castle in Italy for the month of April she jumps at the chance to escape her downtrodden existence. Sensing an instant kinship with fellow housewife Rose Arnott who has her own sorrows, Lotty persuades her along on the adventure. Seeking to reduce the costs the two ladies find Caroline Bramble, a beautiful and exhausted socialite, and Mrs. Graves, an overbearing widow, to join them. As the month passes sun-drenched San Salvatore works its magic on each sad and hardened heart, healing grief and bringing hope. And with the arrival of two chastened husbands and one attractive young artist romance blooms again. Matthew Barber’s play, based on Elizabeth Von Arnim’s beloved novel of the 1920s, is a gentle and romantic comedy of manners.

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Booking suspended

28 May- 6 June 2020

by Alexi Kaye Campbell

Written and set in 2009 Apologia tells the story of a disastrous family reunion, offering a sharp and perceptive look into what has happened to the idealists of 1960s and the children who grew up with them.

Successful art historian Kristin Miller’s has invited her two sons and their partners to celebrate her birthday.

As a young mother in the 60s she was heavily involved in political activism, storming Parisian barricades and living in Florence. Having recently written a book about her past she has completely failed to mention either of her sons in the story of her life.

What should be a time of celebration turns into a confrontation of the cost of Kristin’s commitment to her passions on her family life.

In this modern drama life choices are examined by all characters as they fully come to terms with the impact of their decisions.

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