Audience/The Real Inspector Hound
Michael Frayn/Tom Stoppard
Lloyd White

Two unrelated one-act plays come together to show the role the audience plays in live theatre, which we are delighted to be bringing to the Wokingham stage. Both comedies, both reflective on the notion of observing the observers, you’ll leave wondering why these two plays weren’t written as one.

Frayn’s The Audience turns everything you know about theatre on its head, questioning who is audience and who is to be scrutinised. Comedy ensues as our playwright holds a mirror up to the audience to show their own little quirks and foibles.

Stoppard’s The Real Inspector Hound changes the audience once more, as two theatre critics watch and commentate on a ludicrous production of a classic murder mystery. The lines between stage and audience become blurred, so we are never sure what is real and what is production.

You’ll laugh, you’ll squirm and you’ll probably never feel the same about sitting in the supposed safety of an audience seat ever again.

All tickets £14

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