Alexi Kaye Campbell
Adrian Tang

Written and set in 2009 Apologia tells the story of a disastrous family reunion, offering a sharp and perceptive look into what has happened to the idealists of 1960s and the children who grew up with them.

Successful art historian Kristin Miller’s has invited her two sons and their partners to celebrate her birthday.

As a young mother in the 60s she was heavily involved in political activism, storming Parisian barricades and living in Florence. Having recently written a book about her past she has completely failed to mention either of her sons in the story of her life.
What should be a time of celebration turns into a confrontation of the cost of Kristin’s commitment to her passions on her family life.

In this modern drama life choices are examined by all characters as they fully come to terms with the impact of their decisions.

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